The “Good” Doctor

The "Good" Doctor

Are you feeling stuck in your practice? Do you have this overwhelming sense of obligation?

Are you starting to feel the pressure of running your own practice?

This happens when you are expecting to live up to unknown expectation of what professional really is, while losing yourself in the process.

As professionals we all know that upholding standards in practice is good. We are authority figures and must act accordingly…. What does that even mean?

Everyone has their own interpretation of acting accordingly. What we are not told is that it is ok for your personality to shine through.

There is an unwritten rule that professional doctors are all evidence based and up to date on the latest research. We use big words and wear a white lab coat with a stethoscope. We can’t bridge in your spiritual side means that you are somehow no longer an expert, and you are entering into “Quakery” uttering blasphemy.

There are a few things wrong with this stereotypical image. Firstly there is no room for you as a human to shine through so your job becomes mundane and boring. Secondly, you aren’t going to attract the people who are meant to heal.

Let’s start with your personality being able to shine through. If you are anything like me, I joke around with my patients and make them feel comfortable. We have amazing rapport, and great patient retention. You like what you are doing, and you are really good at it.

So what’s the problem? Are you fully allowing yourself to show up at work or a version of your that you think you are supposed to be? I rarely used to talk about my spiritual side with patients. I only really disclosed my spiritual side if the patient was open to it or I thought it was going to enhance their healing process.

Those ended up being some of my favourite patients. Because I felt comfortable to be myself. They were also my biggest advocates and sent me the most referrals. Honestly, they got better care from me because my own healing magic was in full swing. My joy was contagious and tapped into very high frequency healing. I unconsciously tapped into my full potential and they got an entire new level of healing.

When You are only partially letting yourself shine through a big part of your energy is being blocked. You are only working at 50%. That is one sure fire way to cause burnout in practice, and to start feeling bored. Patient retention can decrease because unconsciously you are sending put signals for those patients to disappear. Hiding who you are is also known as masking.

Now imagine if you showed up every day as you. Just you. That funny, nerdy, wise cracking, intelligent, well rounded practitioner that your friends and family love! That person, fully showed up and healed your patients. Imagine the fun you would have with practicing, and the types of ideal patients that you would attract? Building your practice would be easier, and you would have a blast while doing it.

Competent and leading experts in the industry are letting their whole being shine through. We are entering into a new era of healthcare. It’s time we start updating with the times.

Throw out the words; should, have to, must, obligated, ought to, and any other variation of these phrases. Replace those words with I have the ability to, the opportunity, the luxury. Your entire practice will start getting better, because you just allowed yourself to have more freedom in your own practice. You took off the metaphorical shackles you placed on yourself.

Secondly, you want to grow your dream wellness empire and deal with amazing patients all the time? Then you need to start attracting your people and get really specific about it.

We live in a polarity universe where the law of attraction brings you exactly what you are emitting into the universe. If you are shying away from any part of yourself you are going to be attracting patients that will bring that hidden part to the forefront, just OK patients that aren’t your ideal clientele, or worst of all you won’t be attracting any patients.

I know it can be scary as a healer to step up and show the world who you really are. It’s safe hiding behind your white lab coat and stereotype. It is also limiting, oppressive, restrictive and you will feel stuck in all areas of your life.

I lovingly invite you to step out into the light and be authentically you. If you are not sure who that is, that’s ok. That’s why I created the Quantum Alignment Series. It is figuring out the science of you and allowing you shine through. Best of all, it is all Integrative Mind Body Medicine based AND you learn some of the most powerful tools on the planet on your journey of self-discovery.

Book a discovery call with my right now and let’s map out an individualized course for you step fully into your magnificence and start showing up as a magnetic leader in your field

The Neurodivergent Motherhood

The Neurodivergent Motherhood

Are you overwhelmed with juggling your business, children, and family life?

When you hear the word “Relax” do you respond with “I can’t”?

When you picture what makes you happy, do you draw a blank?

Welcome to the overwhelmed mothers club. If you are like me you are probably wired differently than most!

After reading the Divergent Mind by Jenara Nerenberg, I realized I was neurodivergent. I had a lot of the signs and symptoms and never realized it.

What was amazing to me was that women who mask really, really, well find motherhood extremely overwhelming. They end up drained and burnout because so much of their energy is going towards “looking normal”.

Masking essentially is wearing a mask everyday so no one notices that you are different. It is a safety mechanism and something that women have learned to develop over the centuries. Women are so good at masking that most psychological tests won’t detect that they are wired differently.

I was the queen of masking. I am high functioning and have a lot of amazing achievements under my belt. Star athlete with 94% average all the way through school, had my first degree by 21, and I became a doctor by the age of 25. By 29 I became the Founder of an International Health Institute that is recognized in over 42 different countries.

Perfect was a word that a lot of the people on the outside used to say. The other side of this story is a lot of anxiety attacks, burnout, and a fixation to look a certain way. Constantly living with the fear if they knew the real me I wouldn’t be safe. I always knew I was different. I never fully know how different until after I became a mother.

I can handle 12 course a semester at school, while working out 2 hours a day and holding a job. I can handle running 2 business simultaneously with a social life, and yet when it came to motherhood I broke down.

This is very typical for a lot of women. Moving in with a partner or becoming a mother sends them into sensory overload and that high functioning, overachieving, neurodivergent woman is torn. The ability to mask, take care of herself, transition into motherhood, all while taking care of lifeform that is helpless without her is the last straw.

I have to say after having my son I had a meltdown and a hard time coping. I have since been able to bridge into my greatest passion and become an even more effective doctor. I have rebuilt my business and formed an international institute where I take other high functioning neurodivergent healers and bridge them into Integrative Quantum Medicine.

Adding Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy, and NLP Results coaching has been a gamer changer. I have learned a lot personally and how to start creating my world to suit my individual needs. I have more freedom, passion and joy in my life than I have had ever before. I transform lives on a daily basis.

If you healer at heart and want to make your mark on the world, you NEED to book a zoom call with me. The time is now, step forward into a brighter more playful future!