The Secret to Root Cause Medicine

The Secret to Root Cause Medicine

I remember when I was studying for my doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, I thought I was working with root cause medicine. I truly believed I was. Everything that I was learning was life changing and had amazing results. I learned the principles of how the body systems interacted, and different types of medicines that support the body to heal itself.

I learned to pick up the clues on which systems are being affected. I saw patterns that showed up in the body and followed the bread crumbs to find the real culprit. Doing medicine isn’t as straight ward as people like to try and make it. Especially when we aren’t even looking at the right place.

I stumbled upon root cause medicine by accident. I was up levelling my naturopathic practice and added 4 different designations to transition my practice completely virtually. I still wanted to see incredible results wth may patients without doing as much acupuncture. I thrive off seeing deep rooted results. What I never realized was I had found where all sickness and disease really stems from.

Let’s think about this logically. Do we ever think about keeping our heart beating? If we stopped concentrating on our breath, would we stop breathing? Do we even think about causing disease in our bodies? NO!

So why are we looking for root cause medicine in our conscious minds? All our health programs are unconscious. How we regulate our body is done unconsciously. If we had to think about firing our neurotransmitters and pick which hormone now to secrete all while making sure our heart keeps a regular rhythm and we breathe… we would have no time to do anything else.

So why are we looking consciously for programs that run unconsciously? The secret lies in the unconscious mind. When I am referring to the Unconscious mind I am referring to everything that is not conscious.

I learned of the unconscious mind in psychology in my undergrad. I was fascinated by the mind and all the different theories around repression, habits and personality. Never was it framed for me about our health programs run on an unconscious level. In my physiology courses no one talked about the pulmonary system being run unconsciously. No one sat there are linked these two facts for me. When I finally made this connection my entire way of practicing changed.

Going through Hypnosis I gained an entirely new understanding for how the body works, It augmented all the theory I learned before. I intimately understood how our mindset affect our behaviours and our health. After working with hypnosis for a while I saw the power of of the unconscious mind and the body.

Now if all our health problems are unconscious patterns that we are running, why are we addressing health from our conscious mind. It will work. It just takes a really long time and essentially is the hard way of healing. What if we by passed all the repetitive habit building behaviour and directly started to reprogram the unconscious health programs?

Imagine this is how we started to work with medicine and really tapped into how powerful our bodies and mind really are? I do this with my patients all the time. I mentor other healthcare providers to do the same. This model of health care is out there. It comes from leaders in the health industry breaking free from the conventional paradigms that are limited.

It is founded on giants in the mind body medicine industry like Deppak Chopra and Joe Dispenza. If you are tired of subpar results, or working with patients to improve their symptoms only for them to relapse… again. Then start thinking outside the conventional box, that is literally doing medicine the hard way.

if this resonated with you, you are really ready to go down the rabbit hole to root cause medicine… then book a discovery call with me today. Right now and feel free to start picking my brain.

Stop Saying Disease Prevention, It’s all About Health Promotion.

Stop Saying Disease Prevention, It’s all About Health Promotion.

As part of my running an international health institute, I listen to do different health care providers share their stories, passions, and what drives them. More often, then not, I hear a lot of practitioners talking about disease prevention being the key to a healthy lifestyle, and longevity. I would have agreed about 6 years ago. Now, I disagree with the linguistics of disease prevention. I full heartedly believe that we need to change our lifestyles, mindsets and increase our exercise. That is part of happy, healthy and wealthy. We MUST STOP saying disease prevention.

What does disease prevention mean?

It means how not to get disease. Somehow, along the way, disease became an inevitable fate of humans. We need to do everything in our power not to end up with disease. Well, that mindset isn’t helping anyone. It is harming them. Our focused is place on “how not to get a disease”, and all our unconscious mind hears is DISEASE.

Disease is not guaranteed, and we need to stop installing the idea that it is. Our patients and clients are coming to us for help, we need give them the best care possible. The intention behind disease prevention is about creating an amazing and enriching lifestyle that promotes health. So let’s fully embrace that. Stop saying disease prevention and start saying Health Promotion.

Sing it from the roof tops and start using it will every beautiful soul that sits in front of you. This small change in your language will have a huge impact with your patients and will start to impact the wellness industry dramatically.

Every time I changed someone diet, I always told them what they needed to take out; gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, nightshades and so on. The very first question they always had was, “well what can I eat then?”

When I was first starting out I would give them a few examples of what they could it. Those patients found it harder to stick to their “restrictive diet”. They were focused on all the foods they couldn’t have. I took note and started to give my patient a large laundry list of all the foods they could eat. I told them to take this shopping list with them and gave them cookbooks that worked with all the foods they could enjoy. This dramatically improved my patients’ compliance and results.

When we place our focus on what we want to happen, naturally our behaviours follow suit. Imagine all your patients will now find it easier to change their diets and add healthier lifestyle interventions because they clearly can see what they need to focus on.

Not only will you improve their health results you will also subtly shift your clients from their sympathetic nervous system into their parasympathetic.

Simply, close your eyes and say out loud, “Disease prevention”. Note the feeling you have in chest, notice if there is any tightness in your shoulders or throat. How shallow is your breathing? What is your heart rate like?

Now, close your eyes and say “health promotion” out loud. Note the feeling you have in your chest, notice if your muscles have relaxed, and your breath gets deeper. You may even notice your heart beating slower with an even rhythm.

It is small like changes like these that will have a great impact on the wellness industry. If we all start making these subtle shifts and set our patients up for success from the get go. It starts with the practitioners learning to focus on health, and start saying it the way they want it. Your patients will naturally follow your lead.

Remember to say it the way you want it… You specialize in health promotion.

What just shifted? What ah-has did you have? Do you have any questions? What do I need to know? I would love to hear your story and see how we can work together. Book a Zoom Tea with me. Right Now.