The Healer’s Role

The Healer's Role

Do you see a person and pain and swoop in, without even thinking? Are you drawn to people who need help? Do you graciously offer your knowledge and wisdom to those you think could benefit from it?

That makes you a healer. A beautiful and magical healer with amazing capabilities. It also comes with certain boundaries and roles that aren’t spoken about.

The people I work with, and train are healers in the tops of their industries. They are looking to grow and break free from the traditional model of practice that leaves healers burnt out and broke.

I want to share a secret with you.  I received this secret from the very wise mystical healers in integrative Quantum Medicine. Listen closely….  being broke, boundary-less, and scattered is not fulfilling my mission and getting me further from my need to heal the world. That is a sure-fire way to continue hiding and playing it small. It will also ensure that I stay broke, exhausted and have a “legit” excuse not to do my soul contracted mission.

Let’s unpack my previous statement. There are a lot of presuppositions in that sentence, and I want to make sure we are all on the same page before I move on.

1. You have a human body, which means that you have a higher purpose and mission to fulfill here down on earth.
2. That higher purpose is written into your soul contract. You signed that contract, or you would have been given a body.
3. Keeping yourself exhausted and burnt out is an active choice, and typically one made on the unconscious level.
4. You are unconsciously breaking your soul contract by refusing to take care of yourself. Your job is to keep yourself full, and energized. That way you can help humanity and make the impact that you seek.
5. Being scattered, or what I lovingly call “Squirrel syndrome”, is an unconscious pattern you use, to avoid how powerful you truly are.
6. Boundaries and structure are requirements to manage your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. Which means you must enforce your boundaries.
7. Your boundaries are your responsibility.
8. Being a healer is one of the highest forms of service and needs to have an equivalent exchange of energy. Which means, you have the ability to make billions of dollars in exchange for your services. Embrace the energetic exchange.

Now that we are all on the same page. Take a deep breath and relax. I promise you, it will all be ok. 

Let’s talk about your amazing gifts and skills. I know that you are a phenomenal healer with amazing and heartfelt intentions. You wouldn’t have made a career for yourself in the wellness industry if you didn’t want to help people.

What has gotten lost, as our medical advancements increased, is our ability to take responsibility for our own healing. The mentality that patients need to be fixed is false and harmful. This is where pills (pharmaceutical and nutraceutical) have come to dominate the wellness industry. Those are crutches are hiding unhealthy patterns and bandied solutions halting true healing.

Our role as healers is guide people through their healing journey ensuring that they take full responsibility for their health. That they get better by doing the doings that are designed to up level their entire life. Not just their health.

You must first take the journey yourself before you can stick your hand out to anyone else to help them. Our job is to offer our services and make sure they can continue their path on their own merit. As you up level you then can lead them through on their next step of their journey.

All modalities work. Our role is to know when to use which modality and WHY we are using it. It is our responsibility to work with all 4 bodies and bring those into balance. This is accomplished through different tasks that the patients can do on their own.

In the beginning you will be monitoring them. You will help guide them when they are toddlers learning to the “manage” stage I talked about last week. These tasks will be their lifestyle changes. Those changes, if done effectively, will ricochet through their entire life. This way they up level and gain the clarity to do their soul’s mission.

The role of a healer is far greater than healing just the physical body. It is about bring alignment of all their bodies so they too can go forward and do their mission.

I would love to hear your thoughts, and what’s shifted for you from reading this. Book a Zoom tea with me, and let’s connect!

The Healing Journey Formula

The Healing Journey Formula

Do you believe that being in great health is one of the best gifts you can give someone? Are you constantly preaching to your patients that taking care of their health is a lifetime commitment?

Do you stand rooted in their magnificence, and work with them so they can see their own magnificence?

If you do, you have the mindset of an elite healer. You are on the right track to truly make a difference in your patients’ lives and empower them on their healing journey.

So many amazing healers walk into my trainings with the noblest intentions and are at the tops of their respective fields. What none of them know is the literal healing journey they take their patients on. They think it is an abstract concept tell to their clients.

How many times have you said, “you are never done”, or “health is an ongoing practice”, even “it’s about lifestyle changes not diets”? I am sure there are many other variations you have told your clientele that just ran through your head.

Healing is a journey, except the actual journey is never talked about. We all go about health like its an ongoing marathon …. Kind of like hamsters running in a wheel. No idea where the destination is, or how to pace ourselves.

It’s time to change that! I feel, deep down in my bones, if we are going to transform the healthcare system, every healer must understand the journey they are guiding people through, and their role in it. This blog post is going to go over the Journey itself. The healer role will be my next blog post.

So let’s take a little journey together:

Everyone starts in “problem”. This sounds like, “I have a headache,” or my “tummy hurts” or “I was just diagnosed with a medical condition, and I feel lost, confused, and alone right now”. You have heard this from your clients, and I know you have all said something along these lines. That’s because we are humans. We will all journey together.

Now the next destination on our journey is coming into “awareness”. Now we know that we have a problem. We may even know where the problem is stemming from, or which organs are being affected. Anytime we are in “awareness” you have no idea how to change the problem. All you have is the enlightenment that you do, indeed, have a “problem”.

As we continue our journey, our next few steps are going to being us to “new skills and resources”. This stage of the journey is about asking for help and getting guidance to fill our gaps. This is where people reach out to doctors, and holistic healers. They are coming to you for new skills and resources they previously didn’t have. This is where most healers thrive. We love layering different modalities into treatment plans and watch our patients thrive. This is also where mot healers pretend that the journey ends. With them, and their amazing skills and resources. Alas this is not where the journey ends.

As we move forward, we find ourselves at the “Manage” stage in the healing journey. This is where we integrate all those new skills, and resources into our daily lives and learn how to do things differently than we used to. We start out as toddlers, learning how to go dairy and gluten free. Making a bunch of mistakes and learning to laugh about them later. After we have gotten the hang of all those new skills and resources, it becomes our norm.

Which leads us the last stage of the healing journey, “Solution”. This is where we are feeling better. The headaches are gone, stomach aches are things of the past, and you feel like a brand-new person. As a healer I love this stage. I also noticed in private practice this is where patients pretended that they were “cured” and didn’t need any more help. The next time I would see them would be when they ended up with another problem.

Which brings up the last important bit of information on the healing journey formula. We will cycle these 5 stages as we grow and up level as humans. The journey never ends. We get to keep growing and healing for the rest of our lives and then…. beyond.

What questions do you have? What just landed differently in your world? What do I need to know?

I would love to hear your thoughts, and how this changed your view on “the journey”. Book in with me a zoom tea and let’s connect!