Thought Accountability: Radical Focus on Rewiring the Nervous System

Thought Accountability: Radical Focus on Rewiring the Nervous System

Thoughts are powerful. Thoughts can lead to dis-ease, and they can generate health. Your thoughts control your body and its biochemical responses. Your thought patterns are what pave the 16 lane neurological pathways in your body.

Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about the mental body. Your mental body includes yourthoughts, attitudes, judgments, and prejudices—also how we perceive our worth and value in the world.  All things intellectual is the mental body’s playground.  All our analytical thoughts, how we process information, how we learn in school, and how we use our words are the domain of your mental body.

Not all thoughts are the same, and different thoughts will cause different biological cascades to happen in the body. Healthy, empowering, positive thoughts lead to healthy cascades in the body. I talked more in-depth on the specifics in the biological cascade emotional body blog post. Negative, unhealthy and disempowering thoughts lead to dis-ease pathways in the body.

Your body and your unconscious mind are always eavesdropping on your thoughts. They hear everything and take everything personally. You cannot fake your way around this mechanism. I see a lot of sick people who pretend to have positive attitudes when talking to people. If that were the case, and truly what they believed, they wouldn’t be so sick. Your thoughts are between you and you. Most people beat themselves up and say horrible things to themselves that they would never utter to someone else. Typically, this is an unhealthy motivation strategy, so they make changes in their life. There are healthier and just as effective ways to get your results. You need to start practicing thought accountability.

Thought accountability is taking radical ownership of your thoughts and where your focus is. Are you focused on things that you don’t want to have happen in your life? Or are you focused on exactly what you want to have happen in your life. A good example I hear all the time; “I am tired of being sick”. I believe you are tired of being sick, and all your thoughts are centered around being sick and what you don’t want. Focus on being healthy, what would you be doing if you were healthy? How would you be feeling? What thoughts do healthy people tell themselves?

No one is in your head with you. The only person who can hold your thoughts accountable is you. This is a personal choice with amazing results. Every time you hear your inner critic telling you that you can’t do it, you’re weak, you’re never going to amount to anything, etc. you stop that thought process dead in its tracks. Rub your solar plexus region with a circular motion crossing midline and say “cancel. Cancel, cancel” out loud. Then you insert the positive, healthy, empowering thought by saying it out loud.

This mechanism immediately stops the biological cascade that is hardwired into your nervous system and allows you to start strengthening the new healthy pathway you are looking to build. This allows both brain hemispheres to activate since you are crossing midline and drops you into your parasympathetic nervous system. When you insert the opposite positive thought, you are now activating the new neurological pathway. The more times you do this exercise and keep yourself accountable the better you will feel about yourself, hear people around you differently, and see the external results in your life.

We are simple creatures, and we like to pretend that it has to be complicated. That is a chaos strategy creeping in and illuminates how you perceive value. Value is a mental body concept. If you need things to be hard, and challenging in order to see value in it, then you will use that belief to run your biology. If you see the value in the getting your results in the simplest and most effective way possible your biology follows that mindset.

Taking this out of the theoretical. You can tell how you attribute value by how you have set up your life. If everything is complicated and has a million criteria or steps, then you are running “it has be hard in order to be valuable” mindset at an unconscious level. It is also easier for an outsider to evaluate that for you. They will give you an unbiased answer. Better yet book an assessment through the BHI Virtual Healing Hub and the Integrative Quantum Practitioner will easily enlighten you.

The last piece of the mental body I feel that I need to address is escapism. Anyone who lives in their heads and takes little action has an overactive mental body. Analysis paralysis. You know the type, you may at times be this person.

This is harmful to your growth and development. Well-rounded healthy humans’ balance all their bodies and take action. Living in your mental body is harmful regardless of the types of thoughts that you are having. Refusing to act means you are escaping doing any work in the physical world by hiding in the theory. When I start procrastinating or avoiding things, I have a bunch of theoretical conversations and start playing with concepts.  I see this a lot in the BHI Virtual Healing Hub with other healers. They like the idea of change, and making the changes is where we spend most of our time.

Our education system praises academia and innovation, and there still needs to be action attached to that stroke of genius. Imagine all the great inventors just talked about what they wanted to create and never made anything happen. We would still be using candles for lighting.

Balancing our mental bodies is a choice that every individual person needs to make. I can give you all the tools, AND,  I don’t live in your head with you. No one can force you to take action, no one can change your thought process for you. This is why is it so important for Healers to use thought accountability first. Your results will inspire those around you, including your patients or clients. No type of diet and no combination of supplements, acupuncture, or medication can combat your mental body. Mindset is foundational, not the add on.

If you want to know more about the mental body and more specifics on thought accountability in your life book a zoom tea with me. Click this link:

The Mental Body: The Biological Mechanism of Thoughts

The Mental Body: The Biological Mechanism of Thoughts

Oh, the intellectual body that is overly educated and what 99% of the population relies on to run their world. I used to be in the same boat until I stopped allowing my overactive mind to call the shots. When your mental body is imbalanced you are making my life harder than it needs to be. Let’s take a deeper dive into this analytical body and action steps to bring this overactive body into harmony with the rest of the bodies.

 The mental body typically over developed in most people. This body houses our thoughts, attitudes, judgments, prejudices, education, how we process information, our focus and clarity. The mental body is classified as masculine and represented by the element air. In the medicine wheel the direction is East. I want to make quite clear it has nothing to do with how intelligent you are, more about your ability to make thoughts and ideas (good/bad, smart/not so smart).

 Through our school system here in North America, we have been conditioned to rely heavily on our mental body. We are taught what to think in school’s vs HOW to think to problem solve and successful run our lives. The education system catered to humans ability to create and explore different theories in any subject. If you ask me how much advanced calculus I use in my life, the answer is zero.

Now the school system is not to blame solely, social media and the computer age left our mental bodies over stimulated and decreased our attention span. Think about how often you scroll through pointless social media posts, or memes looking to numb and shut off your overstimulated mental body. People will spend hours doing this. I highly recommend you time yourself and track just how much time you do spend on social media. I bet you will be shocked. These constructs did give us a wonderful gift, we did develop our mental body more than we ever had before. It is not all bad.

Putting the social constructs aside, let’s get into the nitty gritty about using our mental body in a healthy and productive way. Also, how it relates to our health.

Our mental body is responsible for our thoughts. We have different types of thoughts. Thought patterns can be empowering or disempowering. Disempowering thoughts sound like this: I am unlovable, I am stupid, No one care’s about me, etc. Empowering thoughts sound like this: I love myself, I am more than enough, I am powerful, I can do anything I put my mind to, etc.

For simplicity’s sake, empowering thoughts are healing, and disempowering thoughts are toxic and disease causing. When we have the same or similar thoughts repeatedly, we create a thought pattern. This is important! If your majority of thoughts are disempowering, that means your thought patterns are toxic to your health.

Every thought you have is connected to your nervous system. Happy and empowering thoughts will send electrical impulses down your nerves resulting in the secretion of happy neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine, etc). These neurotransmitters will create a physical cascade in your body. Different neurotransmitters attach to different receptors on the cells. This sends a message, to each of your cells, what to do. Essentially communicating which proteins need to be activated or deactivated. This communication plays a role on which genes are activated or deactivated on your DNA. It changes the mRNA expressions in your body.

If you want a more in-depth look at this, I suggest you investigate Dr. Bruce Lipton’s (PhD) work. He talks about the biology of belief and how our thoughts control our epigenetics. It is well documented at this point.

Our thought patterns are what form our nervous system pathways. If you have disempowering thought patterns, you are going to have a 16-lane highway into dis-ease promoting pathways. Over time, these pathways will form actual disease in your body. When you learn how to keep your thoughts accountable, and have empowering thought patterns running, you promote healing, growth and abundance.

One of the most common questions I get asked is how do I hold my thoughts accountable? It is easy. You need to be aware of your inner critic and train it. Every negative thought about self you have, you stop it dead in it’s tracks by saying “cancel, cancel. Cancel” and rubbing your solar plexus in a circular motion making sure to cross midline. Then insert the empowering thought. Doing this over time will condition your mental body what to think. There are faster ways to do this, and those require 1:1 work with the BHI Virtual Healing Hub.

What is more important is to train your body HOW to think. When you train your mental body how to think, you will change your thought patterns, not just your individual thoughts. Your individual thoughts will change naturally. This is done through the BHI Practitioner training, where you learn to reprogram your brain, and others.

If you want more help into creating a healthy mental body come to a virtually live hypnotic acupressure session. You will get to ask me all your question and use a powerful mind body medicine tool designed to help healers like yourself thrive. Click this link to claim your spot now: