Integrative Quantum Healing

What in the world is Integrative Quantum Medicine???? I had never heard of it, and I studied many different types of healing during my doctorate in naturopathic medicine. It wasn’t until I sought out the top mind body medicine tools on the planet, that I discovered this new arena of healing.

Honestly, when I was studying naturopathic medicine at the Canadian of College of Naturopathic Medicine here in Toronto, I was closed minded. I was science oriented and only looked through an evidence-based medicine lens. My background in biomedical sciences trained me to follow the dogma of the scientific method without critical evaluation of the specific parameters of the experiment and how those critical controlled factors weren’t carried out into real life. I was also missing the bigger picture of the healing journey.

When I was forced to study the art of naturopathic medicine and the energetic side of medicine, I rolled my eyes. There was one course, that stands out in my first year, the History of Naturopathy. This course was taught by an elder in the profession. We looked at Nature Medicine through different lenses: star seeds, indigo children, spirituality, the science of water and how different frequency effect the molecules, how the history of nature medicine through metaphors and storytelling.

I flat out rejected this consciously, yet deep down inside it activated a curiosity to break free from the contrived narrative traditional western medicine has told. How healing “should be”. I knew the system had many flaws and personally failed me on my healing journey.

Through studying and experiencing different forms of medicine I found my groove balancing the energetics with evidence-based interventions, essentially finding the flow between the art and science of Naturopathic Medicine. I loved it, until it was time for me to grow again.


I stumbled down the Integrative Quantum medicine. rabbit hole. I found where science and spirituality naturally blended. Quantum physics provides the mechanism for Medicine and Spirituality to co-exist in perfect unison. Quantum Physics really changed the game of how the scientific method operates. We start using treatment principles like; as above, so below. Your mind controls your body, and without changing the thoughts, just addressing the physical issues offers a Band-Aid. Change the mindset and thought patterns as addressing the physical body.

As within so without… meaning give an internal treatment when using external modalities. For example: Give a herb/supplement/homeopathic when doing contrast showers.

The ancient wisdoms that have been passed down for generations started to make practical sense as action steps. What was once considered theory, now acts a mechanism for existence. Now this applies to all areas of life. Integrative Quantum Medicine looks at this mechanism through healing. Integrative Quantum medicine is a mature look at the healing journey, where the juvenile and egocentric philosophies of practitioners are challenged to grow up.

We are all one, and all connected. The reason you are sitting in front of me in my office is because I have gone through that portion of the healing journey you need to go through AND it is time that I grow again and heal a deeper layer of this same issue. I am aware that I need to do my piece of my own healing in order to facilitate my clients/patient’s healing journey.

The notion that I heal someone is thrown out the window. That I can control or effect anyone outside myself is eradicated. What I want to stress the most here is that there are solid action steps. This is where the blending between spirituality and science comes in. Science is about action and find effective treatment measures and interventions that work reproducibly. Spirituality is about looking that the bigger picture and patterns. So, by blending the whole life patterns with specific actions step and interventions you enter the world of Quantum Medicine.

I could write an entire book on the mechanism of blending science and spirituality. This is just a snapshot into the Quantum Medicine realm. What I really want to know is….  what questions do you have? Where would do you want more clarity? What ideas or thoughts popped up while reading this blog?

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