The Emotional body: Emotions as Feedback

Do you constantly switch between being “FINE” and flooded with rage? Do you believe that being “emotional” is bad? Does how you’re feeling dictate how you react to people and situations.

Then your emotional body is out of balance. It is ruling your world! The Emotional body has the most drama associated with healthy management. Miss management leads to drama and chaos in your world. I know my emotional body used to rule my world.  The feeling as intense and I would go from being numb or completely flooded with intense emotions and couldn’t process them.

In our physical bodies our emotional body is represented by the nervous system, hormones, touch, water, water release (tears and sweat), water absorption (bloating or clutching from not letting of, feelings of lack, and trying to hold onto/control things too closely). It is also ruled by our unconscious minds. On the Medicine wheel, our emotional body is falls under the West.

Consider that we have over 7 trillion nerves in the entire body. That means when neurotransmitters flood your nervous system with different hormones the reaction is intense. Take adrenaline for example, that rush through your body is motivating, exciting, scaring, nervous, and intense. It is meant to be. Your body is giving you a signal, and it wants you to listen.

We as humans, form effective coping mechanism, through modelled behaviours. I did not know a single adult who managed their emotional body in a healthy way. I saw numbing, avoidance, escapism, over-reactions, loss of control, manipulation, addictions, essentially toxic ways to handle what was going on internally.

If we don’t like our feelings, we shut them down. You may have been told you’re too much, too emotional, or dramatic when you were younger and decided that you would OVER-CONTROL your reactions and numb, repress, and try to escape your emotional body. There are only so many clothes you can stuff into a closet before it bursts open spewing clothes everywhere. This metaphor is the same for your emotions.

Let’s look at the other side of this pendulum. You wear your emotions on your sleeve, you feel everything very deeply and take everything very personally. You are OVER- EXPERESSIVE of your emotional body and it dictates your reality. This is where people feel the need to walk on eggshells around you. You have become emotionally unsafe based on unpredictable erratic behaviours.

The healthy way to work with your emotional body is finding balance between these two extremes. It is healthy to feel all your emotions, positive and negative. You are also expected to have safe consistent behaviours towards yourself and others. The million-dollar question becomes… HOW????

Start thinking of your emotions as biochemical feedback from your unconscious mind. Your body is communicating with you through your nervous system. Your job is to allow the emotions to flow in the moment. Whichever emotions that are popping up, thank your body for the message and proceed neutrally acting on that message.

To illustrate this mechanism; You are talking with your significant other. You get flooded with this overwhelming sense of rage. You are going to breathe into the rage allowing your system to fully deliver the message. The message only last 10-15 seconds before the neurotransmitters are reabsorbed. You are to pause your conversation with your significant other, excuse yourself, and manage your emotions in a healthy way. In this situation do anger work (punching a pillow, screaming into a towel, going for a run, etc.). I personally like to jot down my thoughts for 2 mins after anger work. Then when you are calm and have fully expressed the rage in a healthy way, go back and continue the conversation with your partner.

This mechanism honours how you are feeling, gets the body moving so you can release the emotions in a healthy way, you had introspective time to listen to what your body was telling you, and then you can act on those thoughts in a calm and neutral way. It takes ownership that your emotions are your responsibility to handle and allows you to stop repressing valid emotions.

This trains your nervous system so you can self-regulate and start living in your parasympathetic nervous system at least 80% of your day. You start to notice that what is coming up for you, is about you. You become emotionally safe to be around. You start to thank your body for those messages and move forward doing behaviours to honour the biochemical feedback you received.

Now it is natural to swing back and forth from the 2 extremes at first. That is how you learn balance. This is a learning process, and you most likely never had anyone demonstrate this for you. Be gentle with yourself moving forward.

This is a skillset and set of behaviours. Because it is a skillset and set of behaviours that means hypnotic acupressure can help you find that balance much quicker. Sign up for a complementary session right now! Finding that balance will be the key to unlock the life you have always wanted.

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