The Spiritual Body: Unconscious Wiring for Your Mission

About 5 years ago I would have never written this blog post. Our spiritual body is still being discovered and more information is becoming readily available. The great leaps and bounds Quantum Physics has been making is allowing discussions around the Spiritual body. The Spiritual body is also known and the Quantum body.

Our Spiritual body is our connection to all things. This ranges from the earth, to humanity, all the creatures on the planet, timing, and to the divine. When I say divine feel free to insert God, the universe, higher self, etc.  Your spiritual body has nothing to do with religion. It is far greater than the exoteric teachings. Our spiritual body provides protection, union, help, and guidance from an outside source as well as from those who have passed on. This is past lives, and generational trauma. It connects us to all that is. It is more the element that no one and no situation stands alone, that there is no one fault, that we are all connected, and that it always takes more than one body to create all that exists in life.

Through our spiritual body we connect to the collective conscious and UNCONSCIOUS. I learned to work with the spiritual body through ritual and esoteric teachings using the universal laws as consciousness programs to construct the life I want. The more I aligned to my soul contract or unconscious mission, the easier my life became. The more clarity I gained and the faster everything manifested.

Talking about the individual, accessing and strengthening the spiritual body is a necessary part of health. Depression, anxiety, doubt, and fear run rampant when the spiritual body is cut off. There is no access to a greater source outside onself. The isolation and lack of purpose start to cause dis-ease in the mental, emotional and physical bodies. Your internal purpose is driven through your spiritual body. Those eureka moments are downloads from your higher self into your unconscious mind and then finally brought up to your conscious mind for full integration.

There are parts of your unconscious programming that are so deep that cannot, and should not, be changed. These are called meta-programs. These are part of your divine blueprint. Carl Jung and Carolyn Myss call these archetypes. This part of your wiring makes is uniquely you. Your meta-programs aid you in doing your soul contracted mission. The closer you align your life to suit your meta-programs the happier, healthier and wealthier you become.

At the Bolen Health institute health is defined by being the truest, most authentic version of yourself allowing to serve your highest potential. Working with the spiritual body is mandatory, so you can adapt your life around your meta-programs and mission.

You are uniquely made to serve and create your own version of heaven here on earth. You need clarity around your mission, how to make it come to life and what specially that entails. All this information is contained with your cells and programming. You need to learn how to access the information. You must go internal before going externally for answers. The first step is to make sure your connection to your spiritual body stronger, work it every day.  

Some practical ways to start strengthening your spiritual body is mediation, journaling with your non-dominant hand, breathwork, gratitude journaling, and practicing higher self-hypnosis. If you are interested in higher self-hypnosis specifically, please comment

higher self-hypnosis please”, and I can facilitate that for you.

The other side of the equation is when your spiritual body is overacting on the rest of your life. This is where you mediate 6 hours a day, and don’t take any action steps. Typically, when your Spiritual body is over developed you are in poverty. There are three other bodies that need to be addressed and given some love. You must do you mission here on earth, you cannot live in the Quantum realm, unless you are monk (which is their highest calling, and they are doing their mission).

An over developed spiritual body can look like this as well: Head in the clouds, not turning ideas into reality, a false god complex, a lack of unity between action and behavior, a lack of connection to interpersonal responsibilities (relationships, physical health and wealth, respecting other people’s bodies, paying bills, debts). There is generally a feeling of entitlement and being overly deserving.

Ways to balance an overactive spiritual body: Go do something in the physical world. Pay a bill, do something for your business, help a patient, track your sales numbers or how many people you have served in the last year, follow through on your promises.  Most importantly reduce how long you mediate.

Your Spiritual body is important. The wellness industry talks a lot about mind, body and soul. There is isn’t much talk or action towards the quantum body. We had access to the concept of the soul, and not concrete ways to with it through medicine. If you DESIRE even more ways to balance your Spiritual body, come book a Zoom tea with me. This is my happy place, and I would love to guide you on your journey.

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